School Fundraisers

Fundraising Alternatives to Offsite Book Fairs

If the Books Inc. book fair program is unrealistic for your community, we are happy to offer a number of alternatives:

  • Shopping Nights / In-Store Book Fairs: Invite parents, friends, and family to come shop in one of our Books Inc. stores; you are even welcome to serve snacks and beverages. These are great for fundraising because you have an entire store at your disposal, complete with a built-in knowledgeable staff. They are a great, low-budget, low stress alternative to the traditional, complicated offsite book fair, with the exact same donation percentage. Store managers schedule these events, and store buyers handle all special requests.

  • Required Reading Order Forms: Books Inc. can provide order forms and handle all sales for summer reading or other required reading lists. If there is a list of books you would like your students to choose from, Books Inc. can provide the order forms and books as well as collate all sales to fulfill the orders. We will deliver these books directly to the school, and into the hands of your readers. These sales will accrue the same donation percentage as a book fair, but with significantly fewer logistics and cost.

  • School Author Visits: Books Inc. can arrange author presentations at your school, free of cost; however, order forms provided by Books Inc. must be used diligently to ensure book sales for the visiting author.