Our Mission

Who We Are

Books Inc. is a collection of independently owned and operated bookstores proudly serving and supporting the Bay Area since 1851, making us the oldest independent bookseller in the west! We are 11 stores strong across the east bay, peninsula, and San Francisco, including two in SFO, allowing us to reach nearly every corner of this incredible slice of California.

We employee over 100 knowledgeable booksellers who are passionate about helping everyone find their perfect book, and dedicated to enriching the literary scene in their neighborhoods. We believe reading should be FUN, as well as informative, and it can help shape the world.


Our Values

We Believe in the Power of Reading:

Reading is part of what connects us to each other, expands our perceptions, and allows us to think about the world from other points of view. We believe fostering good readers allows for a more emphatic and communicative world, and for more creative, imaginative, and healthy communities! While books can show us new ideas and different perspectives, we also believe they can teach us about the things we have in common, and touch on a shared human piece in all of us.

Perhaps F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best: “That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

We Believe Everyone Deserves to Find a Book They Love:

We understand that not every title will be your cup of tea, which is why part of our job is to be your literary experts, and curate the perfect books just for you! Whether you love a cozy mystery, steamy romance, meticulously researched history, or mind bending sci-fi adventure, we would be thrilled to track down your next favorite read.

We are Dedicated to the Bay Area:

Since our humble beginnings in Shasta City, to our move to San Francisco in 1855, to our expansion across this beautiful landscape, we have remained loyal and passionate about the place we call home. So bask in the beauty of California with us! Grab a new book, let Karl the fog roll in, and play your favorite Bay Area band lightly in the background. (We love Sly and the Family Stone!)

We Recognize the Importance of Representation:

We understand the value of seeing yourself in stories, and we work to make everyone feel seen and heard in our store, as well as in the literary community at large.

We are a Safe Space:

Readers of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities will always be welcome in our stores, and we strive to create accepting, kind, and compassionate meeting spaces for all people across the Bay Area!