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Embracing the New Year has always been a challenge for many who seek new paths and new career options. Start this year off right, and join Books Inc. Alameda and local author Merideth Mehlberg for a celebration of the release of her first book, Your Finest Work:  Career Fulfillment In A Complicated World!

There are a lot of things you can do with your career - it's what you want to do that matters.

Your finest work is achieved when you experience your own definitions of fulfillment, impact, and success. Rather than a destination, it's an ongoing journey and state of being.

This book guides you in your desired direction, whether you're growing in your role or changing jobs or careers. Merideth's seven strategies help you build the finest version of your career. You will achieve almost immediate gains once you start incorporating the practices and tactics, with rewards increasing over time.

This is the moment to wake up to the power you have over your life, to make your career what you want it to be, and to make the impact you want in the world. You can draw inspiration from real-life stories of those who have traveled the path to career fulfillment with Merideth by their side.


"If you are searching for deep wisdom and practical steps to navigate a mid-career shift, this is a brilliant read. Identify traps you may be unintentionally setting that keep you stuck. If you yearn for more in a world that can be noisy and overwhelming, grab this book and clear the clutter. Put yourself in charge of your career and your life."

-Helen Horyza, ACC, author of Elevate Your Career: Live a Life You're Truly Proud Of

"Your Finest Work is filled with pragmatic advice for becoming a more effective leader. One of Merideth's strengths is helping leaders see different perspectives and use that awareness to create mutually beneficial outcomes. The strategies I have learned from Merideth have helped me refine my own leadership, as well as given me tools to share with others to help them grow."

-Keia Cole, Chief Digital Officer, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Global

"Like most meaningful things in life, there is no guidebook on how to create and prosper in a fulfilling career. Your Finest Work helps you make your own guidebook to find your own North Star and implement a...deliberate career path. Without this support, a career can be subject to the winds of chance or can be stuck...for years. With direction from Your Finest Work, you can take control of your own career, directing it towards a meaningful future."

-Noah Goldstein, PhD, leading Fortune 100 companies toward carbon and climate resilience

"This remarkable book could not be more timely....Merideth Mehlberg offers an insightful and practical path to achievable career and life transformation. Through relatable and engaging stories, she inspires all of us to step forward with intention in finding our finest work."

-Carisue Bench, Human Capital Strategist and Coach

"There are books on theory and then there are books where it's clear the author has truly been in the trenches and they can make their theories actionable. Merideth accomplishes the latter with Your Finest Work. She demonstrates that she's been there with her clients and cares deeply about providing you (the reader) with clear, actionable steps to make work work for you. Let this book be your guide out of the traps you're barely conscious of and into a satisfying career path, no matter where you are now."

-Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC, author of Now What?(R) 90 Days to a New Life Direction and Living Your Best Life

"The world is changing faster than ever. With shifts in AI, politics, global health and climate, it might feel like nothing we do matters and sticks. Your Finest Work cuts through all the chaos and helps you focus on what matters the most to professionals-having a dream career. Merideth shows you the tools and gives you a step-by-step guide to transform your life and achieve that dream."

-Jia Jiang, award-winning author, speaker, and owner of Rejection Therapy

"Merideth provides you with practical tools to navigate the most pivotal moments in your career. Her insightful and thoughtful questions and anecdotes throughout the book help you to explore exactly what motivates you and discover what will bring you fulfillment and joy in the next phase of your career. Without Merideth's keen assistance, I doubt I would have landed where I find myself today-in a new and exciting moment in my professional life."

-Jessica Goldstein, Senior Director, NPR Events and Experiential Programming

"... This book has distilled that wisdom into a practical framework that made me want to listen to her advice once more."

-Peter Weis, Supply Chain Executive and CIO, teacher, speaker, and digital transformation expert


An ICF-certified master coach, Merideth shows executives how to look forward to Monday mornings. Since 2004 she has coached leaders to define their career priorities, assess the gap between those priorities and their current opportunities, and then close the gap to achieve fulfillment. Clients have grown their professional satisfaction, impact, and success, transforming their careers and leadership styles from the inside out.Merideth coaches C-suite, senior and emerging leaders in service and product companies who have roles spanning technology, strategy, marketing and communications, operations, sales, and other strategic disciplines. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and coaches clients nationwide.Learn more about Merideth's work and access bonus materials for this book at

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024 - 7:00pm
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Books Inc. Alameda
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