LEXIE SLOANE & EVIE BLUM at Books Inc. Pruneyard

Author images of Evie Blum and Lexie Sloane and cover photo of the book Broken Summit

Evie Blum, author of Ship It, joins Lexie Sloane, author of Broken Summit in conversation at Books Inc. Pruneyard for Bookstore Romance Day!


Every heart has its breaking point. And sometimes it has to be utterly destroyed to learn how to beat again. See how love can surprise even the most guarded heart and cynical mind. Opposites attract in this heartfelt, yet steamy romance.

Mountain getaway. Best friends. No men! What could go wrong?

Erin didn't like the way his icy glare raked over her. She had plenty of demons eating at her already. And this vacation was meant to purge some of that toxicity. She had three goals for this trip: get over Victor, catch up on work, and get a full night's sleep. Though perhaps, not in that order. It looked good on paper, but in truth, she floundered. She knew better than anyone that you can't just will the heart to stop loving. And that whole business of getting under someone else was just nonsense. Right...? A peek out Jude's front window confirmed it, these new renters were trouble. But he knew the drill, and it had been working for him so far. Keep it brief. No niceties. The snowy mountaintop may have been their dream vacation, but it was his home. And then, things had to go and get complicated. Witty dialogue, heartfelt tableaus, and steamy interludes make for a true page turner that will have your heart breaking then beaming all over again.


Lexie Sloane lives and works in the diverse Bay Area, California. She writes her novels in between shuffling her two daughters from school to karate, and on those rare but golden weekends when she dashes off for her writer’s retreats. A sucker for a good romance, she writes about the little things and how actions speak volumes over words. Her inspirations comes from her devoted husband, her keen sense of observation, and some of her favorite romance authors: Katherine Center and Kristin Ashley.



Still healing from the loss of her father and dealing with the aftermath of a rocky relationship, Sarah is more than ready to jump into her new career in a Silicon Valley startup. Heading out to celebrate the end of the pandemic and her new job with friends seemed like a good idea last night. But as she wakes the morning after, staring into the face of impulsivity itself-a sexy guy clutching his pillow the way he clutched her the night before-she takes the easy way out and slips silently into the San Jose morning, determined to put him, and any other distractions, behind her.

After years of working towards his PhD in computer science, Nathan's ready for a change and jumps at the chance to join his best friend's tech startup. It's all-consuming and cut-throat at times, but he's ready for anything. Anything, that is, except discovering Sarah, the charming woman he spent one unforgettable night with, works at the company that just promoted him to the C-suite.

Despite their best efforts to keep their relationship professional, things heat up. But secrets come out-including Nathan's entanglement with his ex-and Sarah and Nathan must ask themselves whether their particular brand of startup can succeed in such uncertain conditions. Will the connection they're building go to market, or like most startups, will the obstacles along the way cause them to fail?

Sexy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "high tech," but the chemistry between Sarah and Nathan will make you think again.


The pandemic gave Evie Blum plenty of time–and reason–to want to escape reality, so she decided to try her hand at writing romance novels, and she actually managed to do it. Check out Ship It, a fun, (somewhat) realistic love story set in a Silicon Valley high-tech startup. Ship It is her first fiction work, and she’s already hard at work on the sequel. You can find her online at evieblum.com or on TikTok at @EvieBlumAuthor


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Saturday, August 19, 2023 - 1:00pm
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Books Inc. Pruneyard
1875 S Bascom Ave #600
Campbell, CA 95008
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