Kids @ Books Inc. presents Anti-Bias ABC’s with MRS. BRAZIL and her 4th grade class at Alameda

Anti-Bias ABCs book cover

Kids @ Books Inc. is so very proud to host this very special group of local, 4th grade authors in presenting their book, Anti-Bias ABC's at Books Inc. Alameda.

Anti-Bias ABC’s is a picture book written by Mrs. Brazil and her 4th grade class at Love Elementary School in Alameda. The book is about social justice and how to be an activist. Ryan will bring her entire class to the bookstore as a field trip, and the kids will take turns reading from the book. Join the Family and friends will be invited.

This ABC book will take you on a journey of compassion and empathy. From Gender Identity to Upstander, this alphabet book will teach you about the importance of words and how much they matter. These fourth graders will inspire you with their definitions and impress you with their beautiful pictures. They are attempting to make this world a more accepting and welcoming place through education and knowledge.