EDUARDO BRICENO at Books Inc. Mountain View

Author image of Eduardo Briceño and cover photo of his book The Performance Paradox

Books Inc. Mountain View proudly welcomes global keynote speaker Eduardo Briceño to the shop for a introduction to his book The Performance Paradox!

Eduardo will be joined in conversation by Martha Goodell. 

Discover how to balance learning and performing to bolster personal and team success with this revolutionary guide from a world-renowned expert on growth mindset.

To succeed in a fast-changing world, individuals and companies know they must create a culture of growth, where experimentation and feedback are encouraged, and learning is integrated into the everyday. Yet we often get stuck in a well-worn pattern of habits that don't move us forward. Why?

Because many of us get trapped in the Performance Paradox the counterintuitive phenomenon that if we focus only on performing, our performance suffers.

How can we give ourselves the space to experiment and grow while also delivering high-level results?

Fostering growth mindset to elevate performance is Eduardo Briceño's specialty. As CEO of Mindset Works and in his work with Fortune 500 companies, he discovered that mastering growth--personal, organizational, and financial--hinges on navigating the crucial balance between learning and performing.

In The Performance Paradox, Briceño reveals how to
- avoid falling into the chronic performance trap that stagnates growth
- identify when and how to unlock the power of mistakes
- integrate learning into daily habits in ways that stick
- lead teams that constantly improve and outperform their targets
- grow your skill level and output simultaneously and for the long term

We can achieve more tomorrow than we do today if we develop the belief that we can change and the competence for how to change. With Briceño's innovative and refreshing framework of balancing learning and performing, individuals and companies can reach their boldest aspirations.


The Performance Paradox is an essential read for fostering learning, performance, and a growth mindset. It skillfully shows you how to put your mindset into action as an individual and as an organization. This book will guide your journey toward building world-class competencies, resilience, and impact." --Carol Dweck, bestselling author of Mindset

"More than anyone I know, Eduardo Briceño has devoted himself to bringing academic research on mindsets into the everyday lives of learners of all ages. His passion and optimism are contagious, and in every interaction, I come away inspired." --Angela Duckworth, New York Times bestselling author of Grit

"I dare you to read The Performance Paradox without rushing to apply it." --Mónica Guzmán, author of I Never Thought of It That Way

"If you're tired of running in circles and not making any meaningful progress toward your goals , The Performance Paradox is the book you need to read." --Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"A go-to playbook for developing thriving workplaces and lives . . . Whether you're starting your career, a contributing manager, or a senior executive, this book will equip you and your organization to write your story in a world of constant change." --Chip Conley, bestselling author of Wisdom at Work

"Eduardo Briceño offers invaluable insights and equips readers with the essential skills and techniques needed to embrace a growth mindset, find wisdom in mistakes, and understand the delicate balance between learning and performance." --Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer of Microsoft


Eduardo Briceño is a global keynote speaker, facilitator, and program provider who supports organizations in developing cultures of learning and high performance. Earlier in his career, he was the co-founder and CEO of Mindset Works, the first company to offer growth mindset development services. Previously, he was a venture capital investor with the Sprout Group. His TED Talk, How to Get Better at the Things You Care About, and his prior TEDx Talk, The Power of Belief, have been viewed more than nine million times. He is a Pahara-Aspen Fellow, a member of the Aspen Institute's Global Leadership Network, and an inductee in the Happiness Hall of Fame.

Martha Goodell is an investment professional focused on innovation in technology, natural resources, and policies to support decarbonization and climate resilience.  She has a depth of experience across project finance, private equity, and management consulting and a breadth of knowledge in the science, policy and economics of climate resilience and natural resources.  She has an MBA in finance and M.S. in Environment and Resources with a Certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy.  In addition, she’s a member of the Board of Visitors for the University of Wisconsin’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  
Throughout her career, Martha was excited about roles and industries that were challenging and leveraged her problem solving abilities, but she was also fascinated by the science of human behavior.  Learning and applying behavioral economics and researching cognitive science was just as exciting as private equity or climate technologies.  Not only is it life changing to understand how we can reframe reality to directly improve our lives, but the power of perception is also directly transferable into the construct that is business and industry.  Martha writes and speaks on investing in climate technologies and is working on research projects related to behavioral economics and climate change. 


Event date: 
Friday, September 8, 2023 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
Books Inc. Mountain View
317 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
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