ARDESHIR MEHRAN at Books Inc. Palo Alto

Author image of Ardeshir Mehran and cover image of his book You Are Not Depressed You Are Un-Finished

Join local author and psychologist Ardeshir Mehran at Books Inc. Palo Alto for a signing and reading of his self help book You Are Not Depressed You Are Un-Finished!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and sensed a part of you was missing? Are you no longer the fully whole, vibrant, and courageous person you once were?

Often it takes a fall to realize you were meant to soar high all along.

Don't accept emotional struggles as a life sentence.

In You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished, Dr. Mehran helps you analyze your emotions and your body and go from managing symptoms to living abundantly. Learn how depression and anxiety are our own signals, saying, "Wake up, claim your life."

Meet Zoe, a successful corporate counsel and role model with a happy family life. But, deep down, she felt dead, tormented, with minimal zest. Hear how Richard, a senior executive, recently divorced, struggled with dating again. Lonely and grappling with romantic relationships, he was restless, often tired, and a "pain to be around." Then there is Allison, a rising corporate star who had "crushed it" to succeed. She then crashed, was in poor health, gained weight, and felt sorrowful and dispirited.

These leaders struggled with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and ADHD. They worked with therapists and coaches and took medications. With lingering struggles, their attitude was, "That's life; deal with it."

Dr. Mehran helped such leaders with his research-based the Bill of Emotional Rights. These seven emotional rights are lifelong fulfillment boosters. He explains and guides you through claiming your emotional rights to dissolve depression and anxiety.

Use this book to systematically elevate the trajectory of your life.



Dr. Mehran is disrupting the mental health field, delivering more effective practices to heal depression, and to ease the emotional suffering of people across the world. Everyone else portrays depression as an immovable cause, a mood disorder that must be treated. Dr. Mehran busts this myth and focuses attention on the real culprit: the unfulfilled life we must lead when we deny our birthrights. He is a psychologist, behavioral researcher, transformational leader, and leadership coach. He has a Ph.D. and M.Ed. from Columbia University, New York City, in Counseling, Organizational, and Research Psychology. He has advanced training in psychoanalysis, group therapy, and team dynamics.

Event date: 
Thursday, May 16, 2024 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
Books Inc. Palo Alto
855 El Camino Real #74
Palo Alto, CA 94301
You Are Not Depressed. You Are Un-Finished.: Use Feelings of Depression and Anxiety to Fuel a Soaring Life. By Ardeshir Mehran Cover Image
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