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The presence of evil in a world said by God to be good is perhaps humanity's most vexing challenge. "Where is God in all this?" is a universal cry. The answers are as numerous and varied as those offering them, but little is accomplished, it seems, to ease the pain of a God who doesn't behave according to law, logic, or rationale. Into this melee, Martin Luther waded with his distinction between God preached and God not preached and hiding. Though not always appreciated, Luther's thought speaks to the various dimensions of the problem and proclaims a definitive answer. Martin Luther's Hidden God traces the origins of Luther's thought on the matter, explores how his teaching compliments and conflicts with the teaching offered by certain post-Reformation Lutheran theologians and philosophers of religion, before distilling his thought into a preliminary apologetic for the problem of evil and divine hiddenness that spans the breadth of the issue from a uniquely Lutheran perspective.

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ISBN-13: 9781666718515
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Publication Date: April 4th, 2022