The Sudden Loss Survival Guide (Kobo eBook)

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The audience for The Sudden Loss Survival Guide includes readers who have suffered the unexpected loss of a beloved person. These losses occur from natural causes, undiagnosed medical conditions, accidents, road crashes, suicides, natural disasters, and acts of violence.

The readers are college-educated adults who are interested in self-help, continual learning, and balanced lifestyles. They read at least four books per year and keep them on their bedside or living room tables for easy access.

Hospice professionals, funeral directors, clergy, and bereavement caregivers will also buy The Sudden Loss Survival Guide to effectively guide clients to achieve peace and well-being. Members of this group will use The Sudden Loss Survival Guide as a reference for proactive measures, easy-to-use tools and action prompts to facilitate healing.

The Sudden Loss Survival Guide empowers coaches, teachers, and school counselors with effective tools and knowledge to successfully help individuals move beyond grief. The Sudden Loss Survival Guide provides an easy-to-follow, systematic program for these professionals to provide increased insight, understanding, and support.

Friends, relatives, and teachers of the bereaved will purchase this book to provide support for grief recovery. People don’t always know how to help someone who is grieving or what to expect when someone experiences a sudden loss. Due to the discomfort, the bereaved person’s family and friends want quick solutions and practical advice. The Sudden Loss Survival Guide shares real-world tools to provide immediate comfort.

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ISBN-13: 9781642502299
Publisher: Mango
Publication Date: May 18th, 2020