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The Bible is a beloved text owned by nearly all Americans. It’s probably on your reading list, but it can be a daunting work to master. The Handy Bible Answer Book illuminates the secrets and reveals the wisdom of the Bible. Through easy-to-understand explanations to common questions, this book examines, story-by-story, the origins and history of the meanings of chapters, verses, and parables.

Offering enlightening explanations and defining key terms, people, places, and events, this user-friendly guide is for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible. It brings context to readers by answering more than 1,700 commonly asked questions about the Good Book, including:

How has archeology contributed to understanding the Bible?
What are some of the most notable Bible translations through the ages?
What was the Day of Atonement?
How did Gideon obey God’s call?
According to Peter, what was the benefit of faith?
What is the Apocrypha?

This comprehensive resource provides concise, straightforward information, drawing from five different translations of the Bible and other sources, it's designed to let even casual readers dig deeply into the Bible. It helps bring the Good Book's parables, stories, history, and power to your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781578595167
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Publication Date: April 20th, 2014