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The James Beard Award–winning food writer serves up “a quirky and rewarding exploration of a ‘very real time, place, product, and person’” (TriQuarterly).

Among the most recognizable corporate icons, only one was ever a real person: Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC. From a 1930s roadside café in Corbin, Kentucky, Harland Sanders launched a fried chicken business that now circles the globe, serving “finger lickin’ good” chicken to more than twelve million people every day. But to get there, he had to give up control of his company and even his own image, becoming a mere symbol to people today who don’t know that Colonel Sanders was a very real human being. This book tells his story of a dirt-poor striver with unlimited ambition who personified the American Dream.

Acclaimed cultural historian Josh Ozersky defines the American Dream as being able to transcend your roots and create yourself as you see fit. Harland Sanders did exactly that. At the age of sixty-five—after failed jobs and misfortune—he packed his car with a pressure cooker and his secret blend of eleven herbs and spices and began peddling the recipe for “Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken” to small-town diners. Ozersky traces the rise of Kentucky Fried Chicken from this unlikely beginning, telling the dramatic story of Sanders’ self-transformation into “The Colonel,” his truculent relationship with KFC management as their often-disregarded goodwill ambassador, and his equally turbulent afterlife as the world’s most recognizable commercial icon.

“Nobody finishing this book will look at their local KFC in the same way again.” —The National

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ISBN-13: 9780292742857
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2012