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East Bay Events

Story Time with OLIVER CHIN at Books Inc. Alameda

Books Inc. Alameda presents story time with Oliver Chin, sharing the long-awaited sequel to the high-action Julie Black Belt series, Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire. As Julie works hard to earn her next kung fu belt, orange, a new kid in class could upset her plans and she suddenly has more to learn than just some new moves.
Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire Cover Image
By Oliver Chin, Charlene Chua (Illustrator)
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ISBN: 9781597020794
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Published: Immedium - October 8th, 2013

VICTORIA NELSON at Books Inc. Berkeley

Graduate professor of creative writing at Goddard College, Victoria Nelson shares Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural, a richly detailed exploration of the ways The Gothic, Romanticism's gritty older sibling, has flourished in myriad permutations since the eighteenth century that provides a sweeping examination of the influence Gothic fiction has had on popular culture. From H.P. Lovecraft to Dan Brown and Guillermo del Toro, this fascinatingly written criticism is an illuminating look into the mainstreaming of a spiritually driven supernaturalism.
Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780674050143
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Published: Harvard University Press - April 23rd, 2012

ARTHUR SHIMAMURA at Books Inc. Berkeley

Professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, founding member of the Society for Cognitive Neuroscience, and awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to explore connections between art, mind, and brain, Arthur Shimamura shares Experiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder, a thoughtful and entertaining exploration of how the brain interprets art by engaging our sensations, thoughts, and emotions offering readers insightful ways of broadening one's approach and appreciation of art.
Experiencing Art: In the Brain of the Beholder Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780199936939
Availability: Not In Stock/Special Order
Published: Oxford University Press, USA - July 10th, 2013

TERRY TARNOFF at Books Inc. Berkeley

Terry Tarnoff shares The Chronicle of Stolen Dreams. Set during the summer of 1947, this richly imagined novel is an exploration of the brain, dreams, neurology, and the dark corners and hidden pathways of human consciousness featuring a masterfully realized cast of characters, from Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac, to Chicago gangsters and WWII veterans, to an alien with a knack for the harmonica.

TOSHA SILVER at Books Inc. Alameda

Writer, poet, and San Francisco Spiritual Columnist at examiner.com, Tosha Silver shares Make Me Your Own, a poetry collection that guides the reader ever deeper into union with the inner Divine Beloved. Dedicated to the One who patiently awaits our attention, devotion. . . and longing.
Make Me Your Own: Poems to the Divine Beloved Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780983681717
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Published: Urban Kali Publishing - July 2nd, 2013

KATE HOPPER at Books Inc. Berkeley

Co-editor for Literary Reflections at Literary Mama, author of Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood, teacher, writer, and mother, Kate Hopper shares Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers, an expertly written guide full of encouragement to help you write the stories you need to write, whether your goal is to blog, publish magazine articles, or pen the next blockbuster memoir.


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WILL VIHARO at Books Inc. Alameda

B movie impresario and former host of the cult movie cabaret "Thrillville," Will Viharo celebrates the re-release of the modern, ironic detective story Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me, a cult classic that is finally back in print after two decades and is in development as a film starring and directed by Christian Slater.

NYMBC Presents Awesome O' Clock with TAMARA IRELAND STONE & GAYLE FORMAN at Books Inc. Berkeley

Synchronize your watches for Awesome O' Clock and join Not Your Mother's Books Club™ for an evening of love, longing, and long distance relationships--that cross continents, and decades--with Tamara Ireland Stone sharing the compelling and warm Time After Time, and Gayle Forman sharing the absorbing and beautiful Just One Year.

CARLA KAPLAN at Books Inc. Alameda

Award-winning professor and writer Carla Kaplan shares a vibrant blend of social history and biography with Miss Anne in Harlem: The White Women of the Black Renaissance , a joint portrait of six iconoclastic women who risked ostracism to follow their inclinations--and raised hot-button issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality--in New York City's Jazz Age.