Accepting Your True Self: Overcoming False Identities From the Inside-Out (Paperback)

Accepting Your True Self: Overcoming False Identities From the Inside-Out By Curtis Daniel Cover Image
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"Accepting Your True Self" begins with the Authors personal story reaching, what he thought, was the absolute end of all hope, deciding to take his own life. Curtis chose to give himself one last option and if that did not work, he would have no other choice but to end it. He drove himself to a mental hospital, told them his story and said if they could not help him, he would only have one other choice. Fortunately, they took him serious and immediately admitted him into the facility where he spent a week with nothing and no one else but himself. Curtis explains this journey and how he first discovered his true identity by gazing into the mirror of his soul during his time in the mental facility. Curtis does not go into any details as to what events took place that led up to that one day where he thought he had only one obvious choice and he places no blame on anything or anyone, not even himself. He simply explains that he had only lost himself in life and understood that his external experiences all came from the thoughts he was thinking. The author takes you on a short, and to-the-point journey, sharing the most valuable highlights that had the most impact on his personal path that led to where he is now.Just like the GPS that we use to map our trips to a certain destination, unless you have a starting point, there can be no direction. Even though we experience road blocks, wrong turns and an occasional wreck, with a starting point and a destination, we only need to trust in the process of life and we will eventually get there. Curtis goes through a 3-step process from DISCOVERING your true identity, passions and values to LOVING who you are by letting go of the attachments to our past. He then shares valuable tools that he uses daily such as meditation and journaling, that helps us to LIVE the life we were meant to live.

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ISBN: 9798748343381
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 74
Language: English