A Step By Step Guide To Protecting Your Business From Internet Scam: Top Ten Tricks of Internet Scammers Exposed (Paperback)

A Step By Step Guide To Protecting Your Business From Internet Scam: Top Ten Tricks of Internet Scammers Exposed Cover Image
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IF YOU ARE YET TO GET THIS GUIDE YOU MAY BE SLEEPING ON A FAST MOVING BICYCLE The spam industry also adapted the available Internet technology to make the "spambot". A spambot is an automatic program that will roam the web, "harvesting" email addresses from newsgroup postings and from other websites. It literally gathers thousands of email addresses during a single hour. These are compiled into bulk mailing lists with which the spammers can mail thousands of victims at a time.The practise of sending out unsolicited, unwanted junk email and junk postings came to be called "spam." The term is usually believed to possess been derived from a British comedy skit by Monty Python, during which a restaurant serves each meal with a side of spam. As a waitress emphasizes to a few the supply of spam with every dish, a gaggle of Viking patrons escape in song, singing "SPAM, SPAM, and SPAM... lovely SPAM " in a loud chorus. In the '80s, the term was adopted to ask the junk emails and postings, and therefore the name stuck.The earliest, most generally known incident of economic spamming dates back to 1994. It involved two lawyers who spammed USENET to advertise their services as immigration lawyers. They later expanded their marketing efforts to incorporate email spam. The incident is usually mentioned because of the "Green Card Spam."This nefarious industry has since grown in leaps and bounds. Today, quite half the trillion-plus emails that are sent and received are spam. Initially, spam was generally advertising-related email. In additional recent years, however, a very nasty crop of spammers has emerged, who send their spam with nothing but malicious and/or criminal intent. Some send spam that contains viruses or malicious code. Others devise scams intended to defraud you of your money. Then there are those whose focus is a fraud. Benign or malicious, commercial or criminal - spam has transformed the way we communicate electronically, and can still do so well into the near future and really likely beyond. Spam has become a daily, albeit unwanted, fact of online life.

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