Raised Bed Gardening: The complete beginners guide to build and grow your own vegetable garden. Make your backyard the starting point of you (Paperback)

Raised Bed Gardening: The complete beginners guide to build and grow your own vegetable garden. Make your backyard the starting point of you By Jr. Cruz, Chauncey Cover Image
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"I would LOVE to grow my own vegetable garden... if I only had space...""Growing your own food, that would be great... if I only had time..."

Sounds familiar? If so, please keep reading.

When I started, a few years ago, my journey in self-sufficiency, starting out has been by far the hardest part.

From the first time I thought "I'd like to", to when I actually started, has passed more time than from when I actually started to my first harvest.

I've spent months, years actually, just procrastinating, always finding new reasons why this couldn't be made.

The lack of time and space were two of the most recurrent, and apparently unsurmountable (money was the third one).

Were they just excuses? Well, not exactly. Of course every obstacle can be overcome, but I did have little time (I had a 5 to 9 job at the time) and I did have little space (a small backyard that didn't seem suited at all).

What if I would have put all my efforts in it and then it didn't work out?

Then someone told me about something called Raised Bed Gardening, and I realized: I didn't have to start big I could have tested it and then decide if it was for me.

Two weeks later I was pouring soil in my first 4x8 feet raised bed garden, and in some weeks I was harvesting my first five tomatoes The first five of countless following (and not just tomatoes since then).

With Raised Bed Gardening you can start with little time and little space, and with this book you will find the best way to do it.

In Raised Bed Gardening you will find:

  • What is Raised Bed Gardening and how it works
  • 12 reasons why you should choose Raised Bed Gardening over traditional gardening
  • The 6 points to consider before building your first raised bed garden
  • Of what material you can make your Raised Bed (wood and bricks are the most common, but you have at least 5 more options to choose among)
  • Tips and tricks, from choosing the place to choosing the soil
  • A 6 steps guide to build a wooden raised bed and a 8 steps guide for a bricks one
  • How to choose what to grow (season and location are only two factors)
  • The 5 best vegetables and the 6 best herbs to grow
  • The 5 most common mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • 5 natural ways to protect your plants

Whether you are an expert gardener who wants to learn a more practical and eco-friendly way to grow your vegetables, or a fresh starter who wants to feel the gratification of bringing on your table some self grown organic and delicious vegetables your store will never be able to give you, this book is for you, so...

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