The Burial of the Rats (Paperback)

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Book Excerpt: ...ght for it; and so we waited. I had, I felt, gained an advantage in the last few seconds, for I knew my danger and understood the situation. Now, I thought, is the test of my courage-the enduring test: the fighting test may come later The old woman raised her head and said to me in a satisfied kind of way: "A very fine ring, indeed-a beautiful ring Oh, me I once had such rings, plenty of them, and bracelets and earrings Oh for in those fine days I led the town a dance But they've forgotten me now They've forgotten me They? Why they never heard of me Perhaps their grandfathers remember me, some of them " and she laughed a harsh, croaking laugh. And then I am bound to say that she astonished me, for she handed me back the ring with a certain suggestion of old-fashioned grace which was not without its pathos.The old man eyed her with a sort of sudden ferocity, half rising from his stool, and said to me suddenly and hoarsely: "Let me see "I was about to hand the ring..

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ISBN: 9798669964818
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Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 26
Language: English