30 Things NOT to do in Ireland as a Tourist: Advice, facts, figures and trivia to enjoy Ireland and the Irish (Paperback)

30 Things NOT to do in Ireland as a Tourist: Advice, facts, figures and trivia to enjoy Ireland and the Irish By Ireland Buy Design Cover Image
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The Ultimate Guide To What NOT To Do In Ireland
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of guide books by experts telling you what to do and where to go when you visit Ireland. All these books cover basically the same areas and attractions but this book is very different.
In this book there are no recommendations and glowing reviews of things to do, see and stay while in Ireland. There are no star ratings, no fancy colour enhanced photos which turn out look quite different in reality. In this book there is common sense, practical advice on what not to do and say in Ireland in order for you to enjoy even more all the places the fancy guides and travel experts tell you about.
As a bartender and hotel worker I have personally experienced tourists not following each one of these 30 little pieces of advice and witnessed the embarrassing and stressful situations it can lead to.
Some of the pieces of advice include;
  • How not to greet an Irish person.
  • Talking about Irish Politics.
  • How not to behave in a pub in Ireland.
  • What not to drink.
  • Where and how not to drive in Ireland.
  • What not to wear.
  • How not to speak.
  • Areas not to stay too long in.
  • And lots, lots more.

In the second part of this book I have included facts which will educate you a little, amuse you a little and give you an understanding of the Ireland and the Irish which will greatly help you in a conversation at 12.30am in front of a fire, in a small pub, in the west of Ireland with the locals. (And it's raining)
  • How to pronounce the name of the town.
  • How to pronounce the locals names.
  • How did counties get their names.
  • What world changing things did the Irish Invent.
  • Dozens of weird & wonderful facts about Ireland.
  • How many sheep are there in Ireland.
  • What does 211 D mean on your rental car plate.
  • Any many, many more handy facts and figures .

This will probably be the most consulted non guide book you will bring with you on your trip to The Emerald Isle.

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