A Guide to The Commercial Construction Process: From Start to Finish (Paperback)

A Guide to The Commercial Construction Process: From Start to Finish By Razaq Adekunle Cover Image
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Commercial construction is often an arbiter of changing economic conditions. Construction projects mean both an improving economy and a way to improve the economy of a given area. This book gives you more interesting facts about commercial construction. Estimating prior to bidding on a commercial construction project is the start of cost management even before the project is underway. This book will discuss different facets of reading and drawing up blueprints.
This Book touches all the aspect of Commercial construction, include:
  • How to Speed Up Commercial Construction - "In residential and commercial construction, cost-effectiveness, safety and speed count and functionality prevail over prestige."
  • What to Look for in a Commercial Construction Contractor? - A poorly chosen construction contractor is likely to create a commercial building of low quality that will eventually cost more than planned and not as originally built.
  • Commercial Construction Types for Your New Business - Commercial construction implies the development of some kind of commercial use of any building.
  • Residential Vs Commercial Property Investments - You will have to determine which one will be more profitable for you, based on your financial resources, goals and investment strategy.
  • Commercial Contracts - What They Should Include - One of the critical aspects of the contract in the manner in which each party is bound to fulfill its part of the contract.

Commercial construction can feel overwhelming when you start to try to break down each of the steps that go into the process. You might wonder exactly where to start. Or, you might have questions about commercial construction in general. Read this book find the best commercial construction tips there are.

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