Bizarre True Crime Volume 2: 20 Crazy & Shocking True Crime Stories (Paperback)

Bizarre True Crime Volume 2: 20 Crazy & Shocking True Crime Stories By Ben Oakley Cover Image

Bizarre True Crime Volume 2: 20 Crazy & Shocking True Crime Stories (Paperback)


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20 Bizarre True Crime Stories to Give You Brown Trousers "Like a Netflix true crime series - in a book "

Yuba County Five Mystery - On a freezing Winter's night in California, five men drive up a treacherous mountain road and into bizarre true crime legend. What happened next raises enough questions to fill a book.

The Abduction of Dirk the Penguin - When Dirk the penguin went to bed at Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast, he probably didn't expect to wake up in a holiday apartment with two hungover Welsh men.

The Mysterious Death of Netta Fornario - After travelling to a remote Scottish island in search of the 'thin place', an occultist with links to Aleister Crowley was found dead, killed in an apparent occult ritual.

Mystery of the Dead Screenwriter with No Hands - When a Hollywood screenwriter is found dead with no hands, attention turns to his final screenplay - which is missing - and was alleged to have accused the U.S. Government of wrongdoing.

Massacre on the Mary Russell - In 1828, the Mary Russell brig floated into Cork Harbour, with seven of its crew dead. They had been brutally murdered by their Captain, and the survivors had a disturbing story to tell.

Doorway to Hell - A group of nine teenagers entered a theme park horror attraction, but only one would come out alive, the rest were burned so badly they were mistaken for mannequins.

Phantom of the Opera Killer - A violinist playing for the Metropolitan Opera vanished during the intermission, only to be found murdered the following morning by a killer the press had dubbed 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

Mountain of the Dead - The Ural Mountains, aliens, military experiments, infrasound vortices, cover-ups, parachute bombs, Yeti's, Disney's Frozen, and nine dead hikers - welcome to the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Hacked by Captain Midnight - HBO's live broadcast transmission was taken over in an act of video terrorism by a hacker named Captain Midnight, AKA: a frustrated satellite dish salesman from Florida.

Bodies on the Tracks - What begins as a suspected double suicide takes a turn down a mysterious rabbit hole involving Bill Clinton, Barry Seal, corrupt cops, a former WWF wrestler, and drug runs from Central America.

+ TEN MORE bizarre true crime stories, perfect for late night reading or a quick tale at lunchtime.


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