Choosing God's Blessed or Happy Life: How Do You Attain It? (Paperback)

Choosing God's Blessed or Happy Life: How Do You Attain It? By Taliba Lockhart Cover Image
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Choosing the Blessed or Happy Life is a journey on learning how to live the lifestyle or the way our God and Heavenly Father has recommended for us to live it. Everyone wants love, peace, joy and happiness in their life, but too many seek to acquire it physically or materially, according to the standards of this world; never reaching their goal or finding it temporarily; for those things comes from within through the presence of God's Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Therefore, to find true joy and lasting love, peace that passes understanding can only be found through a personal relationship with our God and Creator, for He is the ultimate LOVE our souls seek, and God is the giver of all good things.

Why not invite Him into your heart and life today? Why not let Him fill that empty void you feel inside your soul? By allowing God to show how much He lover you. He is waiting nearby for you to respond.
God wants you to experience His unconditional love, and His perfect peace because He knows we all long for it. As I was writing my first book, White Light in 1998, God arrested my attention and said to me, "I sit on my throne; I see throughout the whole world every problem and every situation. I see the needs, the desires of my suffering souls. I see my souls dying of starvation, starvation of love."

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Publication Date: September 17th, 2022
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