Hush Money: A Nolan Novel (Compact Disc)

Hush Money: A Nolan Novel Cover Image
By Max Allan Collins, Claire Bloom (Director), Stefan Rudnicki (Read by)
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Just when Nolan's looking for a way out of his dead-end job, trouble comes knocking, and he's back in business. Someone harboring an old grudge has just picked off Joey DiPreta, a crooked businessman with ties to the mob, and the guy's family is out to get whoever's responsible. So is Nolan's family--in Chicago--and they offer him big bucks and a piece of a swank hotel if he'll protect their interests.

Only this time Nolan's gotten into more than he bargained for. The hit man turns out to be a Vietnam vet convinced he's launched a holy war against vice and corruption--and the son of one of Nolan's friends. The melodramatic bastard's got hard evidence of graft in high places, and he's set himself up as some kind of avenging angel. His master plan calls for more hits, and there's no telling when he'll stop.

Meanwhile, Nolan's pal Jon is courting disaster in a motel room, and a couple of innocents are kidnapped as a ploy to lure the hit man into the open. Somehow Nolan's got to untangle the whole mess--and see that no one gets hurt. But with both sides out for blood, there's no room for heroes, and he'll have to be damned careful--and lucky--not to get nailed in the crossfire.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798200832347
Publisher: Skyboat Media
Publication Date: February 1st, 2022
Language: English
Series: Nolan