Ewé Osanyin: 180 Herbs Commonly Used in Ifá-Orisha/180 Hierbas de uso común en Ifá-Orisha (Full-Color Photographs) (Paperback)

Ewé Osanyin: 180 Herbs Commonly Used in Ifá-Orisha/180 Hierbas de uso común en Ifá-Orisha (Full-Color Photographs) By Baba Jaha Cover Image
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This book was created to provide a fully-illustrated (photographs) reference essential to those who desire a compendium of plants, herbs, and trees utilized in the practice of If -Orisha. This book was created to provide a useful guide for one's reference library. The book is useful for researchers and students of If , Orisha'Ifa, Santer a, Afa, Vodou, Candomble, Palo, Kumina, Obeah, Quimbanda, Trinidad Orisha, Spiritual Baptist, Umbanda, Abaku , 21 Divisiones, Winti, and Nkisi; as well as other nature-based and esoteric traditions.

This reference focuses on plants used in If -Orisha spiritual practices in the Americas, but many of these plants can also be found in Africa, tropical and temperate Asia, and Oceania.

Each herb is presented in full color along with its Scientific Name, Spanish Name, and Lukumi/Yoruba name. There is also a Spanish - Scientific Name Glossary; and a Yoruba/Lukumi - Scientific Name Glossary.

Ew Osanyin is printed in full color on high-quality paper. It was designed to showcase the beauty of the plant world, making it a stunning coffee table book.

The author is an Ivy-League educated expert in cultural studies and traditional African thought systems. He began his formal studies in Yoruba Language and Culture with Dr. Babatunde Lawal. In addition, he has studied with traditionalists in Cuba and West Africa. He is the director of a research organization in Japan that studies the utilization of indigenous African spiritual-intellectual thought systems as a means of restoring balance and sustainability to families, communities, organizations, and nations. He is a Delegate to the G7/8 Religious Leaders Summit.

He is the author of Essential Ifa Reference; How to Rule the World: Lessons of Conquest for the Modern Prince; and co-author of Omowali: The Child Return Home - Reconnecting Our Children with Their True Culture.

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