'Falsche Zwillinge' Im Chinesischen: Scheinsynonyme Bei Verben Und Adjektiven (Paperback)

'Falsche Zwillinge' Im Chinesischen: Scheinsynonyme Bei Verben Und Adjektiven By Yueh-Ping Yu Cover Image
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English summary: The intention of this book is to let learners of Chinese get a true and deeper understanding of it. Often words are selected wrongly in daily language conversation. This happens often, when words are somewhat similar but not identical, I call them as apparent synonyms (jinyici). Such kinds of errors are supported by dictionaries, which unfortunately do not differentiate enough the meaning of some expressions, thus don't show how to select them properly. This happens more likely in totally unrelated languages as it is the case with German and Chinese. This easily can shift the focus of conversation in an unwanted direction. The selection of inappropriate words can make e.g. even the so well-intentioned proposal to accompany someone safely back home being understood as an invitation to come along to one's own home and might cause unintended irritations, as sentences a and b show. This dictionary of the false twins has been written in order to fill the still prevailing gap in dictionaries and even research to enable the fellow language learner to avoid linguistic pitfalls and to acquire a more profound comprehension of language. It is about so-called bogus synonyms in Chinese, words whose meanings are similar, but not identical. The focus of the dictionary is on describing semantic and syntactic features of selected phrases to achieve a sound knowledge of practical language application and gives a full understanding of theses false twins common ground and differences. This dictionary deals with about 90 verbs and adjectives 70 commonly used in daily life conversation which are arranged alphabetically in groups according to their German translation. Their similarities and differences are clearly illustrated and explained with numerous examples used in everyday communication. Plenty of accompanied exercises and tests enable you to deepen and double-check your acquired language skills. This book is suitable for Chinese-learners with a language level range from HSK-A2 to HKS-C1. German description: Das Worterbuch der falschen Zwillinge handelt von dem sogenannten Schein-Synonym (jinyici) im Chinesischen, d.h. von den Wortern, deren Bedeutungen ahnlich, jedoch nicht identisch sind. Aufgrund der konzeptionellen Unterschiede werden diese Begriffe in deutschen Worterbuchern leider meist undifferenziert ubersetzt, ihre Unterschiede bleiben daher unbemerkt, was zu Fehlselektionen im Sprachgebrauch fuhrt. Im vorliegenden Buch werden etwa 90 Verben und 70 Adjektive behandelt, Ihre semantischsyntaktischen Gemeinsamkeiten und Differenzen werden anschaulich analytisch dargestellt und anhand von zahlreichen in der alltaglichen Kommunikation verwendeten Beispielen erlautert.

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Publisher: Dr Ludwig Reichert
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2016
Pages: 192
Language: German