Psychosocial Safety Climate: A New Work Stress Theory (Hardcover)

Psychosocial Safety Climate: A New Work Stress Theory Cover Image
By Maureen F. Dollard (Editor), Christian Dormann (Editor), Mohd Awang Idris (Editor)
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Part 1: Psychosocial safety climate: Theory, measurement and practical implications.- Chapter 1. Psychosocial Safety Climate as a new work stress theory and method implications (Maureen F Dollard).- Chapter 2. A Review of PSC Evidence (Amy Zadow).- Chapter 3. The PSC-4; A short PSC tool (Maureen F Dollard).- Chapter 4. The PSC-15; Expanded Dimensions (Maureen F Dollard).- Chapter 5. The PSC-12; Malaysian and Indonesian version (Mohd Awang Idris, Yulita).- Chapter 6. An Approach to Developing the PSC tool by Cognitive Interviewing (Michael Ertel).- Part 2: Impacts of PSC on Workers (Cognitive decline, mental health problems, boredom, personal initiative and engagement).- Chapter 7. PSC and Work Quality impact on Cognitive Decline (Ashlee Wilton).- Chapter 8. sychosocial Safety Climate and Mental Health Problems (Maureen Dollard).- Chapter 9. Psychosocial safety climate and job demands-resources: A multilevel study predicting boredom (Valdrin Krasniqi).- Chapter 10. PSC in the Private Sector: Predicting Personal Initiative and Engagement via Personal Development (Michelle Chin Chin Lee).- Part 3: PSC in different occupations (e.g. policing, humanitarian workers, university workers).- Chapter 11. The effects of Psychosocial Safety Climate on Health and Work in Police Officers (Levi James McCusker).- Chapter 12. Psychosocial Safety Climate as Organisational Resilience: Implications for Worker Psychological Health, Resilience, and Engagement (Carly Taylor).- Chapter 13. A Qualitative Investigation into High Psychosocial Safety Climate University Groups (Rachael Potter).- Part 4. PSC in different countries (e.g., Taiwan, Mexico, Iran, Malaysia).- Chapter 14. Psychosocial safety climate, psychosocial work conditions and employees' wellbeing: empirical findings from Taiwan (Yawen Cheng).- Chapter 15. A validation of the PSC-12 in Mexican workers (Horacio Tovalin Ahumada).- Chapter 16. Psychosocial Safety Climate and PSC Strength; Direct and Interaction effects on Mental Health issues and Work Engagement (Iran) (Afsharian).- Chapter 17. Psychosocial safety climate in Malaysian schools: A multilevel study predicting work and individual outcomes (Nor Shafiza Abdullah).- Part 5. Interventions and Policy Implications (Canada, Sweden, Australia).- Chapter 18. Factors influencing management practices in workplace health interventions (Caroline Biron).- Chapter 19. Team coaching and psychosocial risk assessments, learnings for the future (Sweden) (Rachael Berglund).- Chapter 20. PSC and National Policy (Tessa Bailey).- Chapter 21. Conclusion.

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