600 Questions on Art: Beginner to Expert (Other)

600 Questions on Art: Beginner to Expert By Nicole Masson, Yann Caudal Cover Image
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- Like 'Trivial Pursuit' for art lovers of all ages - 600 trivia questions on every aspect of art - learn while having fun Who painted Guernica? In which museum can La Joconde be seen? How many arms has the Venus de Milo? What is Rodin's first name? Which Dutch Painter was inseparable from his wife, Saskia? Which art movement was born in England in the mid-nineteenth century? What is the name of the world's oldest auction house? The aim of the game is to be the first to reach a set score by correctly answering a set of questions. With the family, or between friends, these multiple choices questions are accessible to everyone and will help you to perfect your artistic knowledge while having fun.

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ISBN: 9782812315312
ISBN-10: 2812315318
Publisher: Hachette Livre Editions Du Chene
Publication Date: October 14th, 2016
Pages: 150
Language: English