(Another) 100 Thai words that make you sound Thai: Thai for Intermediate Learners (Paperback)

(Another) 100 Thai words that make you sound Thai: Thai for Intermediate Learners By Stephen Saad Cover Image
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Due to reader demand, here is a follow-up to the popular first 100 Thai words intermediate level book. Packed with a new set of 100 intermediate level phrases, multiple bonus features and improvements, '(Another) 100 Thai words that make you sound Thai' is, quite simply, your invaluable guide to improving your Thai language skills (not slang) and speaking Thai the way Thai people speak in everyday life.

  • 100 brand new intermediate level words and phrases plus some translation 'homework'.
  • Enhanced explanation of tones, pronunciation subtleties, styles of speech, relevance of words to real life / culture and extended advice on how to learn Thai for long term benefit.
  • Unique and pioneering features of Book 1 retained and applied e.g. 'Thai-ness' indicator.
  • Embedded Thai script next to transliteration in explanatory paragraphs.

Bonus material: 1. Thai Pronouns 2. Thai Songs ideal for learning Thai 3. Proper Nouns (e.g. Bumrungrad) commonly mispronounced 4. Reading Thai: advice and reading practice 5. Bonus 50 intermediate to advanced level words listed and briefly explained.Total 150 new words and phrases and many, many more, through context explanations and example sentences. Along with Book 1, this series is a unique and comprehensive guide to 'normal' spoken Thai.

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ISBN: 9781999674366
ISBN-10: 1999674367
Publisher: Arun Press
Publication Date: March 24th, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English