Covid-19: A Hypnotic Exploration (Hardcover)

Covid-19: A Hypnotic Exploration By Lincoln Stoller Cover Image

Covid-19: A Hypnotic Exploration (Hardcover)


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COVID-19: Illness & Illumination, A Hypnotic Exploration recognizes the 2020 pandemic as a cultural, political, and ecological event whose implications go far beyond illness. The author is a physicist, researcher, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist who was infected with the virus and is still working to recover, six months later. He knows the virus from many angles.

The virus's most lethal aspect is through our own autoimmune reaction to it. The most affordable, accessible, and one of the most effective means of controlling our autoimmune system is through hypnosis. First and foremost, this book introduces hypnosis as a learning and healing tool through 11 hypnotic inductions included with the text.

The amount of bad science, questionable medicine, and misguided policy surrounding COVID-19 is unprecedented. The second purpose of this book is to demonstrate and emphasize that we, as individuals, can assert autonomy in how and what we learn, and so reach better conclusions than those offered to us.

Third, and perhaps of greatest importance, is the recognition that we have reached the limit of our culturally exploitative attitude toward the earth and its resources. The virus is not an accident; it's one of several oncoming ecological disasters for which we must take responsibility.

Product Details ISBN: 9781999253868
ISBN-10: 1999253868
Publisher: Mind Strength Balance
Publication Date: August 13th, 2020
Pages: 230
Language: English