Huggins the Hippo (Paperback)

Huggins the Hippo By Nick Dempsey (Illustrator), Allison McWood Cover Image
By Nick Dempsey (Illustrator), Allison McWood
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About the Author

Allison McWood is an acclaimed Canadian author, playwright and lyricist. Allison writes novels, plays and children's books, all featuring her signature quirkiness. Her writing has not only charmed audiences and readers across the country, but her works have also been taught in Universities around the world, from Vancouver to Lucknow, India. Allison is also a Shakespearean dramaturge and Marlovian academic.

About the Book

Huggins the hippo is ready for adventure While other hippos are happy to hang out in the same, boring bog day after day, Huggins dreams of travelling the world so he can experience new and exciting cultures. During his travels, Huggins learns that hugs are just as important as adventures.

Look out, World Here comes Huggins And he's a hugger

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ISBN: 9781990292033
ISBN-10: 1990292038
Publisher: Annelid Press
Publication Date: March 14th, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English