Chat 'Bout!: An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations (Paperback)

Chat 'Bout!: An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations By Shelley Sykes-Coley Cover Image
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Chat 'Bout : An Anthology of Jamaican Conversations Jamaicans love to 'tek bad tings mek laugh' and Chat 'Bout lets you get in on the conversation. Written in Patwa or Patois, Chat 'Bout celebrates all things mundanely Jamaican. Unfiltered, honest and funny, it examines the idiosyncrasies of everyday Jamaican life - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Guided by Jamaican GPS, Chat 'Bout takes you on a journey through Jamaica, past and present. Get lost while reminiscing down memory lane; stop and eavesdrop on conversations, and vicariously experience a minibus ride. Next thing you know, you are experiencing an unfortunate episode of 'runnin' belly' and having a good belly laugh while you are at it. Be thoroughly entertained by Chat 'Bout and pick up some Patwa as brawta.

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ISBN: 9781982200954
ISBN-10: 1982200952
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English