Accused of Cheating & You're NOT!: Why it happens & what to do about it (Paperback)

Accused of Cheating & You're NOT!: Why it happens & what to do about it By Kim Leatherdale Cover Image
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In the day & age of social media the fear of infidelity takes on new sharpness. It is truly painful when your partner unjustly accuses you of infidelity. It is difficult to talk about, clarify, and end the accusations in a way that nurtures the relationship rather than tears it apart. These accusations can impact mental health, create codependency issues, decrease sex drive, and lead to divorce. But there is a book that answers your burning questions about why the accusations happen and what can be done to help resolve them. Accused of Cheating & You're Not will show you how to understand the accusations and outline seven clear steps to take to heal your relationship. As a relationship expert I teach life changing skills that create lifelong love. Thousands of individuals and couples from around the world have experienced relationship success and avoided divorce by implementing the tips and techniques presented in these pages. By using the information presented in this book you can turn your relationship around, stop the accusations, and have the close, loving relationship you have always wanted. If you practice the skills in this book, you will have a healthy, real, and rewarding relationship. Don't be the person who missed out on a truly connected and loving relationship because you didn't know how to understand and handle incorrect accusations of infidelity. Don't end up breaking up or divorced because neither of you could understand or break the cycle. Have the type of relationship others marvel at. Be the couple others see and say, "I want that sort of relationship " Be the person who takes action and starts improving your relationship immediately. The information in this book has been shown to create positive long-lasting results. All you have to do to begin the journey to a great relationship is pick it up and read. Each chapter is designed to build on the last one to give you new insight as you strive to turn your relationship around. Get your copy today and start the journey away from fear and accusations to a life of real healthy love.

About the Author

Kim is an expert relationship guide for business and personal relationships. A well known therapist, presenter, and author, she has spoken for Fortune 500 companies, colleges, and state and national groups. She is a no-nonsense person with a sense of humor who shares immediately useful skills and ideas in a clear and fun way. Having presented to thousands of individuals and written tens of thousands of pages since her first novel at age 10, Kim is passionate about teaching people how to revolutionize their lives through easy and enduring skills. You can usually find Kim reading or creating art when she's not traveling or hiking in the beautiful outdoors.

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