Self-Discipline: : Learn How To Build Self-Discipline And Achieve All Your Set Goals (Paperback)

Self-Discipline: : Learn How To Build Self-Discipline And Achieve All Your Set Goals By Vicky Norah Cover Image
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Do you wish to achieve all your set goals and stay happy? If yes, then this book is for You On daily basis, you have set goals which you wish to achieve. It is important to note that for you achieve these set goals, you need to be self-disciplined on daily basis. In addition, for you to build daily self-discipline, you also need to incorporate various everyday habits and daily exercises in your routine. This is important because what differentiates the successful people from the unsuccessful ones is the "extra efforts" applied in the pursuit of their goals. If you want to be successfully, you should do the same. Remember that the "extra efforts" they applied required the mental instinct and the willpower instinct. If you develop it, it will give you the needed power to remain steadfast until you conquer any of your goals. With the right mindset: this means changing from within, you will know why it matters to remain self-disciplined. Remember that "the why" is important to keep you moving. You will also know how self-discipline works and what you can do to get more of it. With this knowledge, you are unstoppable when it comes to achieving your goals. Likewise, the extent of your self-discipline determines the level you will reach in life. Whether you apply one or various methods of building self-discipline, what is important is that you overcome the obstacles that interfere with your set goals. Once you overcome, you can conquer any of your set goals because the initial success will propel and build up your self-control. This of course leads to self-discipline. Moreover, it will give you the mental toughness and positive mindset needed to withstand any other challenges. As time goes on, you will see yourself as a master in self-discipline who is able to resist temptations and who knows how to get things done. In other words, you become more productive and less lazy. You will also be able to cure procrastination, maximize time, stay focus and reach your long term goals. All these were possible because you changed your mindset. This book will offer you every ingredients and instruments you will need to achieve all your set goals. Therefore, you will learn: The Concept of Self-Discipline The Importance of Self-Discipline How to Maximize your Time and Achieve More How to Build Willpower and Self-Discipline How to Be More Resilient When Things Get Tough How to Develop Daily Good Habits How to Deal with Distraction and Achieve Focus How to Increase your Mental Energy.

About the Author

Vicky Norah brings you the message of faith, love, hope, joy and total victory. A self-help author and a motivational speaker, she is a strong believer that everything is possible. She is out to help you live a fulfilled and satisfied life. She hopes to achieve that by giving out life-changing information and messages. Her happiness and joy is derived from affecting lives in a positive way, making people happy and helping them achieve their life aims.

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