Foraging For Beginners: This book includes: Identifying Mushrooms in North America + Identifying Medicinal Plants in North America + Identifyi (Paperback)

Foraging For Beginners: This book includes: Identifying Mushrooms in North America + Identifying Medicinal Plants in North America + Identifyi By Mona Greeny Cover Image
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Mushroom foraging Does the term make you feel weak in the knees? Do you get all excited when you see documentaries and YouTube videos of other foragers and wish you could do the same? Does the sight of wild trails fill you with excited anticipation?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have the potential to be an expert mushroom forager.

And yet, although you have the passion for this exotic yet simple hobby, you probably don't know how and where to start. Are you befuddled with the mind-boggling kinds of mushrooms and even more number of species that experts on mushroom foraging talk about?

Well, then you have come to the perfect place. This book is the proverbial "start at the very beginning; a very good place to start " The questions that worry you about mushroom foraging are answered in this book, along with other useful and relevant information.

- What are mushrooms?

- What are the myths surrounding mushrooms?

- What are the different types of mushrooms available?

- What is their life cycle?

- What are the best kinds of mushrooms available in North America? How to identify them? What are the distinguishing features of each of them?

- Where can you find them? How to locate them in specific areas?

- Are there mushrooms in the world that can kill you? If yes, how to distinguish the toxic ones from the edible ones?

- Is there a concept of ethical foraging? What are the rules and regulations to be followed for ethical and safe mushroom foraging?

If you want answers to these and more questions on mushroom foraging, then get your copy now. You can even get off to a beginner's start by cooking up some wild mushrooms using the simple recipes in this book.

Are you fed up of using modern medicine all the time and facing random side-effects? Are you scared of filling up your body with chemicals? Do you want to go back to nature? Do you want to find a new hobby that will not only help you connect to nature, but will also help you become healthy? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you have chosen the right book.

Foraging is one of the best hobbies as it not only makes you feel happy, but it also provides you with delicious food and helpful medicine. This book contains various tips, guidance, and techniques that will help you identify, harvest, and use various herbs and medicinal plants. This book contains ample information and descriptions that will help you identify some of the most common medicinal plants in North America.

The book contains chapters on a variety of topics related to the foraging and identification of medicinal plants in North America. If you follow the instructions and descriptions given in this book closely, you will become a good beginner forager with ease.

Are you looking for a recreational activity that rewards you with delicious food? Food that you don't even have to pay for? Well, look no further as foraging has become the latest trend food, and outdoor enthusiasts are following along. This book is the ultimate guide to help readers understand the history of foraging and how it fits into modern society today. More importantly, if you're looking to embark on a journey to become a forager yourself, look no further.

So, grab a backpack, put on your comfy shoes, and take a stroll into the woods to explore what nature has to add to your plate.

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