A Love So Bright: Insomniac Duet #2 (Paperback)

A Love So Bright: Insomniac Duet #2 By Persephone Autumn Cover Image
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One word can hold tremendous power. One word can change everything.

I never imagined it would come to this. That I would fall for Micah Reed.

That I would open my heart once more. And get it crushed. Again.

The moment I let him in, the second our relationship evolved, fate threw an epic curve ball.

One we can't ignore. One I don't know I can endure.

But call me a glutton for punishment.

One word stole my breath. One word had my knees ready to buckle.

I refuse to believe anything without proof. Refuse to let someone ruin my life.

Call me a d-bag, I don't care. Deep down, I know the truth.

Now, if only Peyton would believe it, too.

My relationship with Peyton is headed in the right direction. Her fire is no longer fueled by hate.

Now, I know the taste of her lips. The softness of her skin. The warmth of her touch.

And no one will steal her from me. No one.

I fell for Micah Reed.

I fell for Peyton Alexander.

Was it all for nothing?

Will she abandon me when I need her most?

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ISBN: 9781951477271
ISBN-10: 1951477278
Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 282
Language: English