Perceiving Purpose (Paperback)

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A Way of Making Sense of the World, By Making Sense of Ourselves.There are two types of guide dog: one that helps us see when we can't, and another that helps us see ourselves when we lose our way.After studying the great Philosophers and Theologians for more than thirty years, I finally turned to my Basset Hound for answers to life's biggest questions. This book gives you some insights from what I learned from my dog Cody, and how I found my purpose.

About the Author

Sanjay Gupta is an Oxford and Georgetown-educated writer who has been studying Philosophy, Theology, and human cognition for more than thirty years. With a successful career as a serial entrepreneur and Advisor to Fortune 100 CEOs and Forbes 50 Billionaires, he has traveled the world many times over and gained insights from people from every walk of life. Despite his many experiences, he regards his crossing of the American Heartland in an epic road trip, co-piloted by his Basset Hound, Cody, as the greatest adventure in his life. 'Perceiving Purpose' is his ode to his loyal companion and a reflection on what we can learn from the honesty of dogs to lead better lives.

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ISBN: 9781946670021
ISBN-10: 1946670022
Publisher: Intellectual Press
Publication Date: January 17th, 2017
Pages: 132
Language: English