Being a Proactive Grandfather: How to Make A Difference (Paperback)

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Statistics tell us that, as male Baby Boomers, we probably have another twenty to thirty good years ahead of us, and most have grandchildren. But how much time and mental energy will we expend on these living legacies? How much will we prioritize them, and how proactive and deliberate will we be as granddads?

New York Times #1 bestselling author, Richard Eyre encourages grandfathers to ask themselves a very important question: what kind of grandfather will you be? Will you be a “disengaged grandfather,” who downsizes to an adults-only condo in Sun City by a golf course and rarely sees his grandkids? Will you be a “limited grandfather,” a “supportive grandfather,” or—best of all—will you be a “proactive grandfather”?

Only when we choose to be proactive does grandfathering become effective, consequential, and truly fun. At this level, you deliberately ponder the needs you can uniquely fulfill, and you set goals and plans to enhance your grandchildren’s lives (in concert and in teamwork with the goals and stewardship of their parents). This approach will stretch and test you, but it will also reward you with levels of fulfillment, well-being, love, and peace otherwise unobtainable.

About the Author

Richard and Linda Eyre are New York Times #1 bestselling authors whose writing career has spanned four decades and whose books have sold in the millions. They have appeared on virtually all major national talk shows, including Oprah and Today, and have seen their books translated into a dozen languages. 

Praise For…

“Why not approach grandfathering with the same drive and determination we put into our careers? This book shows us how.”
Nolan Archibald, retired CEO, Black and Decker

“Our grandkids are our legacy. This book helps us maximize our influence as grandfathers.”
Danny Ainge, Boston Celtic

"Being a Proactive Grandfather is a guide to maintaining a rich relationship with one's family, and especially one's grandchildren. Chapters address how to pass on values, how to guide grandchildren away from dangerous 'entitlement' attitudes, and lesser-known 'grandfather's secrets' such as 'Joy is the purpose of life and a choice you make.' Being a Proactive Grandfather is wise, down-to-earth practical, and highly recommended."
Michael Dunford, MBR Bookwatch: August 2017

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