Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives (Paperback)

Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives By Suzana E. Flores, PhD Cover Image
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The number of Facebook users worldwide exceeded one billion in August of 2012. With the increase in Facebook users, psychologists have seen an alarming increase in the number of Facebook related complaints from their clients. Dr. Suzana Flores, clinical psychologist, has interviewed Facebook users of all ages for three years exploring the positive and negative features of Facebook and evaluating the effect it has on our lives. Facehooked explores the problems most commonly found on Facebook, including controversial topics such as self-esteem, privacy, peer pressure, stalking, emotional manipulation, among others. Readers are not only provided with practical tools to help identify and avoid unhealthy behaviors, but also suggestions for healthier interaction on Facebook.

About the Author

Dr. Suzana E. Flores is a licensed clinical psychologist with over ten years experience. She has interviewed Facebook users of all ages for three years exploring the positive and negative features of Facebook and evaluating the effect it has on our lives. A social-media expert and commentator, Dr. Flores is sought after as a speaker and author on national and international newscasts, podcasts, and radio shows. Dr. Flores holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University and a Master in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University Chicago.

Praise For…

"Facehooked, while most definitely a critique of contemporary media driven culture, looks at the issues associated with social media and other forms of technological communication from a very realistic and level-headed viewpoint. . . . Flores does an excellent job of recognizing both sides of the social media coin. . . . Further, [her] use of case studies and her own life experiences makes the book a very real and often emotionally charged piece of non-fiction." —Chicagoist

Facehooked talks about how teens connect through social-media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Now more than ever, teens have a voice in the world and can even make a serious social impact! The only problem is—some people get into trouble when they share too much. Kids seem to feel obligated and addicted to responding and uploading to Facebook when it’s not really necessary; doing so just adds more pressure and raises the potential of posting things they normally wouldn’t or shouldn’t. Whether online or logged off, I think people can express themselves any way they want as long as they treat each other with respect and stay true to themselves.” —Sean Giambrone, Actor, The Goldbergs

“When it comes to understanding the world of teen online interaction, Dr. Flores gets it. Facehooked sums up what I’ve suspected is happening with today’s teens. Dr. Flores provides a valuable wealth of information regarding smartphone and social-media addiction, digital expression, and the negative (and positive) effects of sharing personal information through various social networks. She clearly explains the influence social media can have on teen expression and self-perception, and provides clear guidelines for parents on how they can protect their teens’ privacy. Facehooked is an intelligent, comfortable, and important read for any student, parent, school administrator and policy-maker who wishes to understand how social media is shaping today’s ‘Digital Natives.’” —Dr. Matthew Clark, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Director of The Clark Institute

“Dr. Flores offers a compelling and genius look at what is really going on when seeking that Facebook fix. Is your hidden agenda personal validation? Creating a fantasy life? Or are you actually addicted? Her explanations are eye-opening and will make you rethink how and why you interact on Facebook every time you log on.” —Shawne Duperon, Six Time EMMY winner and Founder of Project: Forgive

"Casual, approachable, and insightful—Dr. Suzana Flores's book illuminates the myriad of impacts that social media can have on psychological and social well being. Unlike much that's been written on this topic, Dr. Flores also explores the positive effects that healthy social-media use can produce. Noting that 'Facebook is not the problem,' she takes readers on a case-driven exploration of what drives the distressful consequences of maladaptive social-media use and how to avoid them. Facehooked is a must read for anyone affected by social media, which is everyone." —Omar Manejwala, MD, Author of Craving: Why We Can't Seem to Get Enough

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