Love Now!: Untangling Relationships (Paperback)

Love Now!: Untangling Relationships By Jan Harrell, Alan Robins Cover Image
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We are not born knowing how to do relationships - we have to learn. We have to learn about ourselves and our own reactions so we can translate that self-knowledge into positive action in a relationship. The "issues" that arise in every relationship are not "problems" that must be avoided. They alert us that we have the opportunity to increase our understanding of ourselves and others.

Never having been schooled in the world of emotions, it is easy to feel frightened and overwhelmed when we run into an experience we do not understand and do not know how to handle. We mistakenly think these learning opportunities are "problems." We think something is wrong, either with our own Self or with the Other.

Relationships are the school for our adult developmental task to deepen our knowledge about ourselves and about emotions. Without this knowledge, we feel desperate and hopeless, misinterpreting ignorance as failure.

The information in Love Now is so powerful that readers can immediately begin to step away from the caustic snare of angry accusations and raging arguments. Love Now gets to the root of the issues in relationships.

Real change requires that we not only know something, but that we become it. Love Now guides the reader to deep internalization of concepts that can lead to transformation, not just behavioral change and adaptation.

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ISBN: 9781940468570
ISBN-10: 1940468574
Publisher: White Cloud Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2017
Pages: 248
Language: English