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Poetry. The poems in THIS SWEET HAPHAZARD are anything but haphazard in their designs and effects, and while sweetness resides here, it's a sweetness hard won by looking at life unflinchingly. Green is a changeable color, Wegener tells us in the marvelous poem sequence Neighborhood, an observation at the heart of all that's here, from nature to neighborhood to self and back again. Wegener's gift is to show us that the ever-changing, the temporal, is as close as we're apt to come to paradise.

In THIS SWEET HAPHAZARD, Gillian Wegener turns her well-tuned ear, her sharp eye, and her considerable intelligence and humor to the California of lightning fires, bulldozed almond trees, and murky rivers with unpredictable currents, as well as that of clear desert night skies, foggy coastlines, and the green light that filters through the sequoias. She sees the beauty and melancholy all around her, and she approaches it with tenderness and without aesthetic pretension. This is a beautiful book of powerful poems.--Jane Mead.

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ISBN: 9781939639134
ISBN-10: 1939639131
Publisher: Sixteen Rivers Press
Publication Date: April 18th, 2017
Pages: 96
Language: English