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The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy (Paperback)

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Imagine being connected to an infinite source of loving energy. Imagine finally being whole, happy and content. Imagine experiencing life as a source of limitless creative possibility. With Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner's new guide to upgrading the software of your mind, you can have an inspired life with unlimited joy. Through definitions, quotes, life stories, exercises, and meditations you create your own inspired life vision, and nourish it day-by-day with proven Inspired Life Actions. This book is directed to those of us who need a push to open our minds and hearts to the vast creative potential and possibility alive in each moment. Are you ready to live an inspired life rooted in the sacred union of your heart and intellect and reflected in your thoughts, words, and actions? It all begins with making a choice, with saying: "Yes, I choose an inspired life."

Praise For…

"Reeve wants readers to be "in spirit" and in full co-creative partnership with Sour Energy/God. Readers are encouraged to make the choice to live an active, conscious lifetheir lifethrough stories and quotes that demonstrate the results of accessing one's brain and creating new pathways to support that desired life."
The Phoenix Spirit

"It's reality based approach which I really liked and found refreshing. So often, books that seek to inspire tend to leave out that life can be messy sometimes. They forget that often those difficult times redirect us in positive ways. Moreover, that in going through dark days and nights of the soul, we have opportunities to understand ourselves and provide unconditional love."
TCM Reviews

"Bravo on creating a book that's meaningful, practical, accessible and much-needed."
Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief, Law of Attraction Magazine

"Occasionally a book comes along that is so full of wisdom and inspiration that we want to share it with others because it speaks so magnificently in support of the human spirit. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have teamed up to create just such a delightful, concise, and uplifting volume."
ForeWord Reviews

"What does inspired” mean? Among other things, it means being genuine, creative, enthused and motivated. All the things this wonderful, motivating book will "inspire" you to seek, and more, much more."
Allen Klein, author of Change Your Life! and Inspiration for a Lifetime

"An inspired read - from explaining how the brain works, to identifying your greatest obstacles, to describing the ingredients to create an inspired life. Chock full of powerful 'Inspired Life Action' exercises."
Dr. Frank Bonkowski, happiness-after-midlife.com

"The Inspired Life is your personal invitation to say, Yes to living a life of passion and purpose. The pages are filled with inspiring stories, wisdom and potent inspired life actions that turn breakdowns into breakthroughs and illuminate your way to a charmed and inspired life.
Victoria Moran, author Creating a Charmed Life

"I'm a big fan of Susyn's and Joan's work, so was eager to see their new book, The Inspired Life. It doesn't disappoint. I found it both inspirational and instructional a wonderful blend of "why lead an inspired life" and "how to live an inspired life."
BJ Gallagher, author of It's Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been

"Inspiration, heartfelt stories and helpful exercises fill the pages of The Inspired Life by Susyn Reeve & Joan Breiner. Open to any page and not only will you unleash your mind's capacity for greater love and joy, you will find mouth-watering nourishment for your inspired life vision."
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, authors of The Soulmate Pathand The Enchanted Birthday Book

"Susyn and Joan have created a delightful book in The Inspired Life- straightforward and easy to understand - that will help you get your life on track step-by-step. You will feel nourished and supported along the way - don't miss the opportunity to learn from these amazing women!"
Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom

"This isn't just another inspiring book. It both inspires and gives you the tools to turn your own life into an inspiration for yourself and others. If you truly want to change, and are willing to do what it takes, The Inspired Life," can be your workbook every step of the way."
Diana Daffner, author of
Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day

"In The Inspired Life, Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have provided the information, exercises, and inspiration for you to live your best life - your inspired life. By connecting with your purpose, following your north star and using breakdowns as doorways to breakthoughs you are guaranteed to declare, 'I am living my inspired life!'"
David Riklan, founder of SelfGrowth.com

"The Inspired Life is a book I will return to again and again. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner show how you can create the love-filled life you have always dreamed of using the power of your mind. I am grateful for this essential tool for positive transformation."
Nina Lesowitz, coauthor of Living Life as a Thank You and The Courage Companion

"The Inspired Life is a life-map with the potential to change your life and change the world. Susyn and Joan are wise women and skilled master teachers and coaches who provide you with the ingredients that when combined, generate limitless possibility to deepen and expand your capacity to give and receive love. Whether or not you know your inspired life vision or are in the midst of a breakdown, or are wondering what your next step is, using this book offers you the key to the life you desire."
Mary Angela Buffo, Owner/Director, Ananda Yoga and Wellness Center, Southampton, NY

"The powerful principles in The Inspired Life will add to the flavor and richness of your life and help you commit to 'playing big.'"
Sharon Fountain, President National Association for Self-Esteem

"Feed your brain and fill your heart from the insights provided in The Inspired Life. Joan Breiner unselfishly shares her vast experience and wisdom. Facilitating a weekly self esteem group at the Women's Resource Center of Sarasota County, Florida she uses her talent inspiring many women, and now with "The Inspired Life", she widens the circle of those who because of her, will experience more confidence and creativity."
Janice Zarro Executive Director Women's Resource Center of Sarasota County, Inc.

"The Inspired Life is a personal growth experience that compels the reader to take responsibility for making life happen for them, rather than letting life happen to them. This book is full of personal stories, wonderful quotes and practical advice with activities to inspire joyful living. I recommend this book to life coaches and therapists as a guide and a gift to all of our clients."
Bob Younglove President, International Council for Self-Esteem

"Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have written a treasure that allows us to randomly open to any page to receive our daily dose of inspiration and wisdom. They understand that living an inspired life is our choice to make, and offer uplifting stories and practices that help move us towards living the greatest possibilities of our precious lives."
Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling in "The One"

"Calm your anxiety and take control of self-defeating behaviors. A joyful life is possible when you understand how to use your mind to promote personal peace and happiness. In The Inspired Life, Joan and Susyn explain in simple terms how your mind works. Through reading the inspiring stories and using the proven Inspired Life Exercises, a joy-filled life is awaiting you!"
Dr. Eric Weinstock, Director of Florida Psychiatric Center
Assisant Professor of Psychiatry, University of S. Florida.

"The Inspired Life brings a refreshingly realistic view of the daily barriers preventing us from engaging in an inspired life. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner are handing us the keys to re-gain control over our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors. With these keys we can begin to open the doors of commitment, courage, and vision allowing us to obtain the inspiration from within ourselves. If you are thirsting for a life full of motivation, passion, and celebration where you make the choices and you decide the future than Reeve and Breiner's The Inspired Life is the stepping stone to begin your journey.
Trevor Moawad - Director, IMG Performance Institute

"We all want to live an inspired life, but it can seem so elusive. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have cracked the code. Inspiration” sounds like something out there, but it’s not. It’s something insideand you and only you can find it. How? The Inspired Life has all the tools and support you need to wake up from the trance, make new choices, and upgrade the software of your mind. The Inspired Life is truly knowledge in action."
Janet Conner, author of Writing Down the Soul," and My Soul Pages,

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ISBN: 9781936740017
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Publisher: Viva Editions
Publication Date: October 4th, 2011
Pages: 222
Language: English