1 and 2 Timothy--Apostolic Leadership Picking Up the Mantle (Paperback)

1 and 2 Timothy--Apostolic Leadership Picking Up the Mantle By J. Robert Clinton Cover Image
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This leadership commentary on 1,2 Timothy is part of a series, Clinton's Leadership Commentary Series. This 362 page book is a leadership commentary, not an exegetical commentary. That means I have worked with the text to see what implications of leadership are suggested by it. 1,2 Timothy is probably the most important leadership material in the New Testament (followed closely by Titus and 1,2 Corinthians). There are 12 major leadership topics in 1 Timothy: 1. Mentoring; 2. Giftedness; 3. Balance-Between Developing and Achieving; 4. Discipline; 5. Complexity-Leadership Problems; 6. Leadership Guidelines; 7. Finances; 8. Spiritual Warfare; 9. Leadership Problems-Heresy. There are 15 major leadership topics in 2 Timothy: 1. Finish Well; 2. Ministry Prayer Principle; 3. Prayer Encouragement Principle; 4. Giftedness Development; 5. Ultimate Accountability; 6. Leadership Selection; 7. Focus; 8. Financial Principle; 9. Bible-Centered Ministry; 10. Gentleness; 11. Opposition; 12. Modeling/ Transparency. 13. Advent of Christ; 14. Learning Posture; 15. Balance in Spiritual Warfare. Each of these is explained in depth and leadership principles drawn from them. In addition, 74 leadership articles, nearly 291 pages worth, are written concerning the various leadership subjects commented on in the text. These leadership articles are useful for mentoring and developing leaders. A glossary of leadership definitions associated with the Philemon commentary is also included. The major thrust of this work concerns leadership style-one of the major reasons for conflict in churches today.

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