Travelling With A Grief Case (Paperback)

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By Kaetz
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Buckle up - we are about to travel into new and previously hidden realms of grief.You will not need your 'briefcase' for this journey but you may find that you travel better with your own 'grief cases'.This book offers a unique opportunity to look deeply at the experience of grief through the real-life stories of those who have experienced it.Writing under the pen name KAETZ to protect the identity of her clients, the author shares stories of grief witnessed during her 30 years of working as a social worker and nurse.Through a compilation of short stories, readers are immersed into the complexity of human grief interactions. This enlightening book will console you, and help you become more comfortable sharing your own grief, as it is part of who you are now.Structured in a way to make it easy to pick up and read, even if you have limited time, you can turn to the chapters you relate to the most. Some stories will comfort you, while others are controversial.As someone who has stood with grief, the author's message is clear: You do not have to forget or have regrets about your grief. You have the chance to move on with your life in spite of the grief pain that you feel.This book will help you to understand the layers of grief so you can move forward. It may even be the 'Grief Potion' that can help you crack your own grief case.

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ISBN: 9781922372383
ISBN-10: 1922372382
Publisher: Karyn Macdonell
Publication Date: June 15th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English