A New Theory of Justice and Other Essays (Hardcover)

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Is justice best understood as flowing from a social contract, or is there something else going on? How can we explain the many divergent notions of justice throughout history? Is it even possible to give a separate account of justice (as opposed to, say, social convention or morality)?

These are some of the questions considered in A New Theory of Justice. But there are other essays in here, other questions, and other (tentative) answers. Is it possible to talk about 'God' anymore? What kinds of minds do animals have, and how could we ever find out? And what about free-will: is it just a story we tell ourselves to help us navigate life and stay sane? Or not?

The author has a master's degree and a DPhil, both in Philosophy.

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ISBN: 9781913851453
ISBN-10: 1913851451
Publisher: Cool Millennium
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2021
Pages: 118
Language: English