Bridges: Spanning the World (Hardcover)

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Building bridges across rivers, canyons, straits, and sea represents one of man’s greatest endeavors. It has stretched human ingenuity, engineering, and material technology to their limits. Bridges have altered history by joining communities together, extending trade, and transporting water to villages and cities. This book looks at more than 200 bridges spanning the world and the centuries, including an Inca suspension bridge made from grass ropes; the mile-long Roman aqueduct at Caesarea; Italy’s bridges in Venice; England’s great Forth Bridge built for the railway; France’s famous Millau Viaduct; Spain’s Acueducto del Águila; the awe-inspiring cantilever bridges built by railway engineers across major rivers in North America and India; and the world’s longest suspension bridge at Kobe in Japan.

About the Author

Marcus Binney is Architecture Correspondent to the Times, founder and President of SAVE Britain’s Heritage, and chairman of Save Europe’s Heritage.

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ISBN: 9781910258170
ISBN-10: 1910258172
Publisher: Pimpernel Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2017
Pages: 256
Language: English