28 Day Meditation Challenge: Discover how 10 minutes a day can change your life. (Paperback)

28 Day Meditation Challenge: Discover how 10 minutes a day can change your life. Cover Image
By Steve Williams (Introduction by), Clare Josa
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The 28 Day Meditation Challenge can teach you how to meditate... Of course - that's what you'd expect But there's more:
  • In it, Clare Josa (an experienced, formally-trained Meditation Teacher and certified NLP Trainer) makes it easy for you to create the habit
    (the 'missing link' on most meditation courses), with an inspired blend of NLP (the 'user manual for your brain') and light-hearted, practical common sense.
  • Plus she helps you to get over your old excuses - so you actually find the time to meditate - and do it

    You get all of this in bite-sized chunks, throughout the 28 days. (Each day's message takes just a few minutes to read, but brings deep-acting insights, blended with practical step-by-step 'how to', making learning to meditate easy.)
  • You'll discover how to avoid the pitfalls
    It pre-empts where you might otherwise fall off the wagon and gives you what you need most, just before you need it
  • You will learn how to keep yourself motivated, even when you're not in the mood, and how to weave practical relaxation strategies into your day-to-day life
Even as soon as in the first week, readers report feeling more relaxed, less stressed and happier. You will be beginning to handle your emotions more easily and finding simple ways of making meditation practice - and its enormous benefits - an integral part of your life. And, to make it even easier, Clare shares the secrets for how to find the time, how to get started and how to stay motivated. What more could you want? Plus you get 4 x 10 minute meditation MP3s and a bonus 20 minute deep relaxation MP3 The 28 Day Meditation Challenge is split into four sections:
  1. Week One brings you a breath awareness meditation. The daily messages cover busting the #1 meditation myth, how to sit comfortably to meditate, handling your meditation excuses, how to 'magically' find more time and how to keep the momentum going.
  2. Week Two takes you into the realm of making friends with your 'Monkey Mind'. You'll discover some of the tricks it can play and how you can reclaim control, without turning things into a war. The daily messages cover how to stop others from stealing your meditation time and how to get over an addiction to putting your 'to do' list, plus Clare shares insider secrets to fast-track creating any new habit and getting past the 'meditation hump'.
  3. Week Three brings you practical mindfulness meditation techniques that can transform your experience of life. The daily messages include giving you a magic wand to deal with worrying, spilling the beans on how wiggling your butt can help you meditate (really ) and sharing strategies for what to do if meditation stirs that old emotional pot.
  4. Week Four moves into gentle mantra meditation, to help you make subtle, yet profound, changes in your life. The daily messages tip you off about the most dangerous word a beginner can use, two little words that could change your life, how to tell whether you're 'actually meditating', how to find the time you need, creating a special meditation space and ideas to help you continue with your meditation journey.
Discover for yourself why so many people have found this book finally helped them to fall in love with the huge benefits of a daily meditation and mindfulness practice - easily. Buy the 28 Day Meditation Challenge today.

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