Chaos in America Surviving the Depression (Paperback)

Chaos in America Surviving the Depression By John L. King Cover Image
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As the turn of the century began, many companies were going under. 2001 escalated the companies in massive filings of bankruptcy. Polaroid, Montgomery Ward, Enron, K-Mart, WorldCom, United Airlines, Conseco and even Bethlehem Steel. There are no stocks left of the original DOW Jones 30, as the shell game in reporting to the unsuspecting country goes on. There has been 7 trillion dollars evaporated in peoples pensions, stock portfolios and other retirement programs. Just as Wall Street is hoping for a reprieve, a new flood of multibillion dollar companies are heading for even larger bankruptcies. We are bound to see a recession that is more severe and unprecedented sweeping through every sector of the American economy. The assault on the largest debtor nation (the U.S.) has begun and many countries are changing their holdings of the dollar. You must get this book to prepare yourself for what is about to hit.

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ISBN: 9781893157095
ISBN-10: 1893157091
Publisher: Bridger House Publishers Inc
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2013
Pages: 290
Language: English