Nature of Loving: Patterns of Human Relationship (Hardcover)

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In this exciting best-seller from Europe, the author, a Jungian analyst, discusses close interpersonal relationships, their dynamics and depth dimensions as well as their surface problems from the viewpoint of archetypal patterns. Problems of bonding, of disillusionment, of projection and introjection are carefully discussed. Focusing primarily on the relationship between the sexes, this work also includes much that is relevant to other forms of human intimacy. Myth is brought alive and illuminates the present with the intense light cast by archetypal understandings.

The Nature of Loving is a joy to read. It avoids the dry style of many similar books, but treats love and relationship as mystery and the numinous. Every page lives and glows.

-Robert A. Johnson, Author of We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love and Inner Work

Verena Kast demonstrates how the imagination plays a role in love, how our vision of the beloved's best possibilities are brought forth by our love. Also, that we fantasize ourselves into our own best possibilities from the beloved's eyes, becoming more of ourselves . . . This is a fantastic book. It sheds light on the idealization of our loves and the creative potential released in us by them.

-Florence L. Wiedemann, Jungian Analyst

An excellent study of myths as revealing paradigms of relationship...Well worth reading. -

-John A. Sanford, Jungian Analyst, Author of The Invisible Partners and The Kingdom Within

Verena Kast is a training analyst and teacher in the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich, Switzerland

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