Cave of Secrets (Paperback)

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Pirates and crooked rulers make seventeenth-century Ireland a dangerous place.

When Tom feels rejected by his father, he finds a secret second family among the group of smugglers who trade in and around Roaringwater Bay.

Though Tom doesn't know it, his family in the Big House is under huge pressure. His father has had savage losses in business; his mother is always sad and worried, and his sisters have no hopes for a good future. This is seventeenth-century Ireland when cut-throat interests control everybody and everything, and land-grabbing is the order of the day. Friend turns into foe, and loyalty counts for nothing.

From his new family, Tom learns all about boats and smuggling - and secret treasure. And then Tom discovers the best-kept secret of all ...

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ISBN: 9781847172075
ISBN-10: 1847172075
Publisher: O'Brien Press
Publication Date: June 16th, 2012
Pages: 272
Language: English