Grieve to Heal: Beginnings (Paperback)

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A powerful and moving memoir chronicling Lydia's experience of grief and its impact on her life. Condemned to poverty and desperation by scam artists and traumatised by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lydia found solace in words. The death of Lusas, her friend, destabilised her mind merging her past and her present. Having not properly mourned her father who died when she was four years old, in anguish, Lydia retrospectively relived the tragic loss of her father, assassinated for an unjustified cause in the war-torn pre-independent 'teapot nation'. This book is a compelling narrative which is incredibly emotive and evokes a strong sense of empathy in the reader. The poignancy of the work is applaudable in the sense that Lydia tackled a difficult subject of grief and its multifaceted nature as a primary subject and its relevance cannot be denied in this Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine war climate. A must-read for all, as the assured writing style and the honesty with which Lydia detailed her experiences make this story one that will resonate with those who may be facing similar struggles. A tear-jerking thriller of grief to pull at your heartstrings as, through reflective mourning, Lydia made startling discoveries about the one she thought loved her. Ultimately saved by her faith in God, her unwavering devotion to her crush and favourite actor .........................

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ISBN: 9781802274608
ISBN-10: 180227460X
Publisher: Lydia Nash
Publication Date: May 14th, 2022
Pages: 98
Language: English