The Republic: Annotated (Paperback)

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This Edition, beautifully designed to be collected and given as a gift to your loved ones, includes, in addition to the text translated by Benjamin Jowett:

A preface, an introduction, a dedicated commentary for each book and Plato's thought described in 10 points.

Discover one of the most influential philosophical works in history.

With an engaging exploration of morality, justice, politics and deep philosophical questions, the Republic is a powerful and truly unique work which has transcended the ages to have a massive impact on the realm of politics and philosophy at large. Designed in the form of a dialogue between characters, this enduring book seeks to address fundamental questions, including whether the unjust man is happier than the just man, the role of the philosopher in society, and which out of a range of theoretical city-states would be the happiest and most prosperous.

Now, this edition presents the Republic in an elegant light, providing modern readers with a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the classical period's greatest thinkers. With a complete overview of the Republic, you'll be taken on a journey into pivotal questions that define the human condition, benefiting from philosophers' timeless wisdom and ideas over two thousand years ago.

Ideal as a gift for friends and family, for students and philosophy enthusiasts, and as an essential part of your bookshelf, the Republic is a book which will stick with you long after you finish reading.

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