Qanon and the Definitive Awakening: The Complete Book to Understand Once and for All How to Defeat the New World Order and Start a New Era of Peace an (Paperback)

Qanon and the Definitive Awakening: The Complete Book to Understand Once and for All How to Defeat the New World Order and Start a New Era of Peace an Cover Image
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Have you been hearing a lot about the Q or QAnon movement known that is gaining worldwide recognition and are curious to know more about it, besides what you've probably heard in news commentaries?

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide that will help you understand everything from what you've been hearing down to the deep information that will shock you to the core?

If your answer was a YES, then keep reading...

You Are About To Step Into The World Of Conspiracy Theories And Learn How They Are Shut Down To Cover The Truth And Better Yet, Discover The Facts Of The Latest One - The QAnon Conspiracy Theory

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy that is rapidly gaining a lot of traction, especially with its connection to the US President, Donald Trump. With out-of-this-world claims that there is a cabal of devil-worshipping pedophiles who run a worldwide sex-trafficking ring and who are plotting against President Donald Trump and much more, QAnon is, without any doubt, bold and unusual.

By the virtue that you are reading this, it is quite clear that you want to know what QAnon is all about, including what the great awakening is all about and make some sense out of everything about QAnon.

By now, you might be probably wondering...

Who is behind the QAnon conspiracy, and what is their agenda?

What are the facts, and what is fiction about this conspiracy theory?

Who is the deep state?

Is the conspiracy fabricated?

What actions have been taken to suppress this conspiracy theory from spreading, and how has it managed to get so much traction?

Who are members of the cabal from the QAnon conspiracy and does the cabal have any ties to the Illuminati?

What does the QAnon have to do with the New World Order?

If you have these and other related questions about QAnon, this book is for you, so keep reading, as it will give you the full insight about the QAnon conspiracy in a well-researched and compiled manner for easy understanding.

Below is a preview of what you are going to learn in this book:

- What is QAnon, how it began, and how they are spreading

- What the QAnon conspiracy entails and how the creators acquired the information to back the theory

- Some of the conspiracy theories in history that actually turned out to be true

- What the great awakening entails

- The connection between religion and the new awakening

- Being human and how it all interconnected

- And much more...

You know that a storm is coming, and it won't be too long before the world wakes up to this. It's better to be armed with the facts and know where to lean when it all comes crumbling down. Prepare yourself now, even if you've never really been the type to be concerned with conspiracy theories

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